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Don’t Be A Crab

A Practical Guide To Building Strong, Joyful Relationships.

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What’s inside the book?

What’s Inside The DON’T BE A CRAB?


We’ll start by considering one key question. Is it there?

In other words, is there a conversation going on inside our head?

In the CCC training, we call this Level 1: The Observer.

Our goal at this stage is to become aware that we have a Roommate who engages us in nonstop conversation about the inputs we receive and the outputs we deliver.

Chapter 02- IT REALLY IS A CRAB!

Next we’ll consider the importance of this conversation. Does it affect our lives and if so, how? In the CCC training, we call this Level 2: The Analyzer. We examine how our lives are impacted by this conversation. Our goal at this stage is to recognize that, yes, this conversation does affect our lives—and usually not in positive ways. This conversation and the confusion that results can destroy relationships, ruin reputations, and harm our mental health.


Now, the good news. In the CCC training, we call this Level 3: The Distinguisher. Our goal at this stage is to recognize the conversation as it’s happening—not hours or days later when we’re thinking about that awful thing we did. As we pause and listen to the voices in the midst of the dialogue, we learn to distinguish between ourselves and our Roommate in real time.

Chapter 04- OMG! I FOUND A WAY OUT!

Then we take the solution a step further. We don’t want to simply notice when a conversation is happening. We want to be able to manage it so that it no longer keeps us stuck in unhealthy ways of thinking and acting. In the CCC training, we call this Level 4: The Manager.


After we’ve learned how to manage this conversation, we’ll be in a position to train our inner voice with an eye toward service. This is an advanced level that might take years to achieve, but I want to share what is possible. We can change our inner self-talk so that it is predominantly focused on providing true service to others, to our world, and therefore to ourselves. In the CCC training, we call this Level 5: The Server.

Hooman Shares The Secrets To Building Long-lasting And Happy Relationships In His New Amazing Book

In just two hours, discover the fundamentals of building a strong and fulfilling relationship in your life, business, and relationship

Remember those quiet moments of your childhood when you were all alone with no friends or anyone to talk to? It wasn’t because you didn’t have them around, but you just didn’t know what to say to them. Can you feel those moments happening again?

You see the look on the faces of your business partners as they lose confidence in you. You have a plan that could change the course of their lives for the better—if only you could better communicate with them.

Do you hear the murmurs of your workers when you walk past them as they gossip about the future of the company and you?
That empty feeling you feel when your worst fears are confirmed—your partner is slowly losing interest in you, no matter how hard you try to make the relationship work.

Like you, I too have had many moments like these where I couldn’t find the courage to say what I felt and seek clarity; instead, I choose to be myself.
And perhaps, like me, you’ve looked into the mirror and seen a false reflection, one that the world recognizes as the real you yet you see as flawed.

When you are clear about what you want and need, you can communicate effectively and build strong connections with others. However, many of us struggle with clarity, which can lead to confusion, conflict, and resentment in our lives, businesses, and relationships.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll learn how to build meaningful and strong relationships—relationships that break through the barriers currently slowing you down or stifling your business growth, communication in marriage, relationships with co-workers, career path in life, or ability to lead.

In Don’t Be a Crab, you’ll learn how lack of clarity in communication is a huge problem in the lives of entrepreneurs, romantic partners, managers, and political leaders.

Over the past 2 decades, I’ve been a business expert working with various individuals in the Blockchain and IT industries, a certified UEFA league coach, and a trainer of multiple business teams.

I’ve combined my experiences with proven strategies that have helped me build strong and meaningful relationships—and I want to share that with you.

Book back cover

In DON’T BE A CRAB book, you’ll be inspired and entertained by the true stories of my business partners, friends, family, and team players who have used the proven strategies of effective communication and clarity to build their lives, relationships, and businesses.

You may believe the most difficult step for you right now will be extending the first hand for a handshake, telling your business partners about that idea you have, calling a work meeting, or even having a conversation with your partner.

As tough as those steps, may be for you, it is the step you must take toward yourself that is the most critical, and perhaps the one that requires the most courage.

That is why I want to help you regain clarity and make better decisions—the first step to building strong and joyful relationships.

In DON’T BE A CRAB Book, You’ll Learn How To:

  • How to say NO, without ever feeling guilty

  • How to recognize small but powerful things that make you unhappy

  • How to avoid easy-to-miss costly mistakes that can affect your relationship

  • What never to say to your partner in a relationship. Never

  • What you must do immediately if you notice you’re being pulled down by your friends and family

  • PLUS my personal daily routine: a step-by-step realistic guide for a happy and productive day

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