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Hooman Motevalli, a thought leader and serial entrepreneur, is a senior business analyst and in-demand consultant for high-level blockchain and AI software teams. He is the director of HSP Holdings, an IT-based corporation that invests in intelligent blockchain and DAO-Metaverse startups.

Where did the entrepreneurship start?
Where Did The Route Start?

Hooman started his entrepreneurial journey in 2008 with his first gaming project. He organized a fun gaming tournament with his family and friends. During that time, he had a lot of fun and made a lot of money, which he used to venture into the IT business.

In 2011, Hooman purchased Bitcoin as an early adopter and sold it off for less than $100. In his words, that was the biggest mistake he made in his business life. Now, he’s working nonstop in Blockchain and is being compensated for that mistake.

Business expansion and immigration
Business Expansion And Immigration
The New Path Of Entrepreneurship And Setting Up Different Businesses In Germany And Western World

He relocated to Germany in 2016—his childhood dream destination as a car lover—to expand his business into the European market.

Hooman established his company in Germany and invited other teammates to join him. After learning extensively about the German industries, he decided to try out the idea he had won a Google award for in 2013—a needs management dashboard. The dashboard was well received by investors, and Hooman was able to raise funding to develop it further.

The idea was registered in the Washington office, and he started working on it. Finally, the idea entered Silicon Valley and fastened the belts tightly to fly, but some strange hurdles appeared, and it failed. The project was ultimately unsuccessful due to legal barriers and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entering the field of Blockchain
Entrepreneurship In A New Field
Entering The Field Of Blockchain

Hooman bravely pushed back into A.I. and Blockchain in 2017, despite his massive Bitcoin disaster in 2011. He launched many amazing projects in the DAO, Metaverse, and NFT marketplaces with the support of a team of full-pro developers.

Hooman is now working on a new dashboard version, which he plans to launch in 2023.

Entrepreneurship In A New Field
Entering The Field Of Blockchain

Entrepreneurship In Two Ways

To Develop Outsourced Projects

We receive RFPs and proposals to make proposals for developing software and platforms, and after a deep search and research, we select some to work on. Usually, to maximize our output, we don’t accept more than five projects simultaneously, no matter how many colleagues we have at the time. Some of the projects we have delivered have made millions of dollars.

For more information, please see www.hspholding.com

To Run Own Startups As Founders

We brainstorm in-house to reach the best ideas and go for market research. After being approved and passing experiments and tests, we make the visions and start developing that authorized idea as our own project. It is a great time, as all are excited to grow and succeed at the highest possible level.

For more information, please see www.hspholding.com

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