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About Hooman Motevalli

About Hooman Motevalli

Hooman Motevalli

CEO Of HSPHOLDING, Entrepreneur, Trainer, & Author

All about Hooman Motevalli, an entrepreneur, trainer, and author. He provides mind transformation lessons to individuals and business teams to unlock their full potential.

Hooman Motevalli is an inspiring individual with a strong desire to nurture and mentor others to reach their greatest potential in life; he created the CCC training program dedicated to achieving this goal.

On August 23, 2023, Hooman Motevalli will also release a book with respect to the CCC program for the purpose of teaching individuals & business teams the fundamentals of building strong and joyful relationships.

This man’s life is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses reach their full potential.

About Hooman Motevalli
Early Life & Education

Hooman Motevalli was born into a warm family. His father worked as a submarine specialist, and his mother worked as a psychotherapist and trainer. Hooman loved to travel the world as a teenager, exploring various countries and learning about their cultures and societies. Early in his life, he developed an interest in the arts, sports, and technology. 

An avid academic, Hooman is an expert in macroeconomics. He graduated with honors from the Sharif University of Technology with a BSc in Chemical Engineering and from the Academy of Art University with a master’s degree in Theater. He is also a UEFA-licensed soccer coach. 

Hooman is currently a student at Stanford University. While studying chemical engineering at the university, Hooman ventured into various areas, including working on projects related to oil resources, engaging in mechanical projects, software development, and exploring blockchain technology.

Career Path

Founded HSP Holdings Inc., an IT-based company investing in intelligent start-ups

  • Apr 2008
Apr 2008
Jan 2012

Founded MetaGroup diversified in IT, Sports, Media, Entertainment, Gaming, Real Estate, Financial Markets

  • Jan 2012

Founded MetaNeed as a high-level ''Needs Management Dashboard'' platform in Silicon Valley

  • Aug 2018
Aug 2018
Apr 2021

Joined Cosmos ecosystem to develop its Blockchain projects

  • Apr 2021

Successfully launched first book on Amazon and publicly released CCC Training Program

  • Aug 2023
Aug 2023
Years of experience


Convert Confusion To Clarity

Hooman Motevalli is also a passionate trainer and mentor. He believes that everyone has the potential to achieve great things, but they often get stuck because they lack clarity. He created the CCC training program to help people overcome this obstacle and reach their full potential.

The CCC training program is a comprehensive 6-level program that helps people develop clarity in their minds, health in their bodies, wealth in their pockets, and happiness in their hearts. The program is built on 7 years of Hooman’s experiences and ideas, and it has helped hundreds of people alter their lives.

On August 23, 2023, Hooman Motevalli will also release a book with respect to the CCC program for the purpose of teaching business teams the fundamentals of building strong and joyful relationships. This book will also help people break free from their limiting beliefs and take control of their lives, relationships, and businesses.

Link to the book on Amazon:


Understand The Culture

Research and understand each individual, society, organization, industry, or community’s culture.


Discover The Problem

Uncover the roots of uncertainty and conflict. Discover the truth and find solutions that work for each entity.


Convert Confusion To Clarity

Assess the condition and develop customized training plans based on the CCC model.


Unlock Your Potential

Help you flourish and reach your highest level of achievement with all the training, resources, and support you need to succeed.

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