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Confusion To Clarity: How To Control Your Thoughts And Take Charge Of Your Life

Confusion To Clarity: How To Control Your Thoughts And Take Charge Of Your Life

Taking charge of our lives and controlling our thoughts is crucial for personal growth and finding fulfillment. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the chaos and confusion of everyday life, but when you learn to control your thoughts, you gain the power to shape your own destiny. Understanding the immense power of your thoughts is a vital step towards finding clarity. Your thoughts hold the key to creating the life you desire. However, our minds often wander and lead us astray, dragging us down paths that hinder our progress.
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Finding clarity can seem impossible in a world of constant noise and countless distractions. Our world is filled with uncertainty, leaving us confused, tired, and unsure of what to do.

We often look around for the solution to this noise everywhere, apart from where the answer truly is.
What if I told you that it was just right within you?

Yes. Often, we search for solutions outside of ourselves. We underestimate the power of the soul. Within you lies a force that can transform your confusion into clarity and guide you toward a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Your freedom lies in your ability to harness and control the power of your thoughts and let them inform your actions. It’s time to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where embracing this power within you becomes your compass, guiding you from confusion to clarity.
Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, one thought at a time.

The bridge that leads us from being confused and takes us into immense clarity and control cannot be a set of laid-down rules and regulations, but little, simple actions birthed through patient practice.

The Link Between Our Thoughts, Emotions, And Actions

Picture this.

Little Timmy woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He couldn’t quite say what was wrong, but he was sad. To cheer him up, his mom suggested they do something fun together, and she brought out his stack of building blocks and toy cars. She challenged him to a game of tower building, and in no time, Timmy was done building his while that his mom kept falling over. Afterward, his mom made a snack, and they settled to watch TV. Timmy’s mood was lifted, and he was grinning ear to ear.

One thing is evident from this story—our thoughts, emotions, and actions are all connected. Like Timmy, our actions can also affect our thoughts and feelings.

This connection between thoughts, emotions, and actions is essential because it can help us understand why we feel and behave the way we do. We can also learn to control our actions and make better choices by focusing on our thoughts and emotions.

Let me show you how your actions can influence your life. I’ll share proven techniques to help you control your mind and emotions and take charge of your life.

5 Simple Ways You Can Control Your Thoughts And Take Charge Of Your Life:

5 simple ways you can control your thoughts and take charge of your life

Pause And Take A Deep, Deep Breath

Whenever a thought crosses your mind, take a pause. Take a moment to breathe and notice the thoughts passing through your mind. Be mindful of them, and take time to become aware of these thoughts. If you need to remember, you can write them down.

By becoming conscious of your thoughts, you can observe them without judgment. This gentle awareness allows you to detach from negative or unhelpful thoughts, creating space for more positive ones to emerge. When your views align correctly, you take charge of your lives through your actions.

Breathe, and focus on your breathing. Take note of the number of counts during your inhalation and exhalation and holding your breath. Focus solely on the exercise and calmly repeat it for approximately one minute.

Identify And Understand Your Core Values And Beliefs

Knowing your core values and beliefs means deciding and clearly understanding what matters most. It allows you to make choices and decisions that align with what you genuinely care about.

Here is a simple step-by-step process to help you identify and understand your core values and beliefs:

  • Reflect on your life experiences. Consider the moments when you felt fulfilled, proud, and deeply satisfied.
  • Look for recurring themes or patterns in your reflections, evaluate what values or beliefs consistently emerge, and pay attention to the principles and qualities that resonate most. Then, decide what matters most to you and consciously write it down.
  • Re-evaluate them from time to time, study about them, and then make general and long-term adjustments to ensure that your actions and responses to life situations around you are always from a place of the values and beliefs you identify with.

Let Go Easily And Live In The Moment

When you dwell on stuff that has happened or worry about stuff that may occur, you unconsciously trigger unwanted responses to those situations. And that’s just sad.

Eventually, the events you didn’t realize you were reacting to might occur, even if they haven’t happened yet.
Doing this makes you powerless over your life because the fear of the unknown guides your actions.
Worrying about what’s already or might eventually happen gives space for your thoughts to run haywire. Instead, let’s dwell on the present

focus your energy on what’s happening right now.

Take a moment to breathe and refocus your thoughts on the small daily actions you’ve chosen. These efforts will eventually give you control over your life and a clear purpose.

Consciously shift your focus to a different activity

When negative thoughts arise, they steadily grow until they threaten to consume our mental space and then influence our life decisions.
The good news is that you can stop these thoughts in their tracks! Yes.

You can do this; instead of engaging in an encroaching thought, stop those thoughts by engaging in a creative activity that will take up your mental space.

It could be journaling about something you’ve never thought of previously so that you have to search out stuff and do research, or it could be dancing vigorously or following up on a favorite program. It could also mean connecting with loved ones.

Whatever it is, it helps us create new perspectives and positive emotions to inform our actions.

Have An Accountability Partner

Have an accountability partner

Speaking to someone helps you evaluate thoughts from a distant perspective. Table it objectively and let a friend guide you in responding to your core values.

An accountability partner is someone supportive and honest. You both must agree on your goals and expectations from the start so that they can be helpful.

Once you’ve found your accountability partner, establish regular check-ins—this could be a weekly phone call, a daily text message, or even an in-person meeting.

During check-ins, evaluating your thoughts together and getting honest and direct feedback is essential. This is a total game-changer in taking control of your thoughts, and it is worth a try.


In this article, you’ve learned that you can control your thoughts like gardeners, weeding out the negative and inputting the positive. It would help if you nurtured healthy and positive reviews by using affirmations, empowering beliefs, and gratitude. Gratitude helps us focus on the blessings in our lives and attract more positivity. Remember to acknowledge the small joys and pleasures in life every day.

As you continue cultivating your mental garden, I encourage you to take the next step by enrolling in my training program, “Convert Confusion into Clarity.”


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